Hunger, Obesity, and Eating Disorders

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It is funny to realize that even some people think about the next meal while they are having their current meal. Fresh fleshy fruit can stimulate a craving for food even when a person is on a full stomach. It is true that people and all living things require nutrition to survive. However, some eating cravings are just not normal. This is due to various hunger simulation reasons. The motivation to eat is propagated by more than just the need for body nourishment. The hunger motivation influences are, thus, either internal or external.
Hunger is a creation of God in the human life system. In His design of man, God made man with several components that form the various body systems according to biologists (Hockenbury and Sandra 63). It is a common occurrence to find people saying that they are hungry; their stomachs are empty and so forth. When the stomach is feeling this empty, the person wishes to have something to eat.
Internally, the hunger we feel is conceived from the brain. It has once occurred to me that I did not realize lunch time passing because I was too busy working. This is clear proof that internal influence of hunger is by the brain and not the stomach (Hockenbury and Sandra 63). The brain part that regulates the hunger feeling is called hypothalamus. This segment of the brain is separated into the lateral and…
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