Hunger Of Memory : The Education Of Richard Rodriguez

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Introduction Hunger of Memory: The Education of Richard Rodriguez is a six chapter book that reads more like a collection of essays than an autobiography. It is written by Richard Rodriguez, a Mexican American author, analyst, educational commentator and intellectual. A large part of his personal treatise is his reflections and dissection of “contemporary education” and its meaning to a Hispanic American child growing up in the 1950s. It is unusual that a young person would write his own autobiography, but that is what Rodriguez offers in his book Hunger of Memory. This book was considered as the most debated U.S. Latino texts. In the book, Rodriguez used his personal experience in discussing social and political issues. Though it is autobiographical in nature, it is a collection of personal experiences that shaped Rodriguez’s understanding of culture, education, and the formal education system in America. Rodriguez tackled the educational system wherein he discussed the change of language in the beginning of a child’s education- Spanish to English. In his book, he provides a thoughtful critique of contemporary education and its shortfalls. He opposed bilingual education and affirmative action. He shared his views on the inequality of educational system and the specific educational needs of minorities in the United States. He used his upbringing and self exploration as a Mexican American, and his extensive schooling to examine contemporary education. The book consists of
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