Hunger, Poverty, And Poverty

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There is enough food to feed everyone in the world; nearly 1 billion people suffer from hunger while others are obese. Every day, millions of people in the world; particularly in poor countries, suffer from hunger, the scarcity of food. Many of them die because they struggle a lot to fulfill this need. However, governments, organizations and citizens try hard to find solutions to eradicate this problem. Poverty is factor associated with food insecurity. To eliminate hunger organizations and government should fight poverty above all. For most people in the world’s poorest countries, farming is how they earn an income. Farmers face alarming challenges in a globalized economy and from a more and more troubled natural environment. They face increasing costs for fuel and fertilizer, climate change, water shortages, social and political disorder, and many other catastrophes that lead to poverty. All too often, the repercussions for the poorest people are chronic hunger and malnutrition. To reduce poverty, government and organizations should start by fighting hunger. Food should be available for poor people for free or at cheaper prices. To do this, the government must think of subsidizing farmers so that they produce at less cost. They must also think about some initiatives to help farmers and poor people. In the article “The City that Ended Hunger”, Frances Moore Lappe talks about Belo Horizonte which is Brazil’s fourth-largest city. According to the author Belo city decided to

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