Hunger : The Problem Of Hunger Throughout The World

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There are people all across the world who are struggling with hunger. Approximately seven hundred and ninety five million people suffer from this issue. This is approximately one-ninth of the entire world’s population that is directly affected by hunger. These people are in third world countries, but there are also people in developed countries like the United States that are going hungry as well. Initially, when most people think about someone that is starving, they visualize someone who is very skinny with their bones almost visible just under the skin. Although this visual image is sometimes accurate, there are people who are undernourished that do not fit this stereotype. Furthermore, hunger can cause many health concerns that are not as easy to identify by just looking at an individual. Hunger is a major problem throughout the world and some of its long term effects include stunted growth, development of poor cognitive abilities, and poor overall health. These effects are devastating and often times irreversible. One consequence of a person going hungry for an extended amount of time is stunted growth. A person who does not have proper nutrition will grow much slower than normal or not grow at all. These individuals will have low average weights and heights compared to others that are their same age who are have proper nutrition. In infants and small children, this can be caused by poor maternal diet and health during or after pregnancy. If these small

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