Hunger and Obesity are Both Huge Problems Essay

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Hunger and obesity are both huge problems, and need to be treated as one problem, not two. Hunger and obesity can both lead back to poverty in many ways. Poverty levels show the likelihood of becoming hungry or obese. While obesity’s impact can be felt economically through health issues and costs, the use of resources to address hunger need to be linked to addressing the obesity issue since both obesity and hunger are connected.
There are many reasons why hunger and obesity need to be treated as one and the same. The connections of hunger and obesity are confusing. “Hunger and obesity often flip sides of the same malnutrition coin.”(Joel Berg). Hunger and obesity are the problems that can work together to wreak havoc on the world and you digestive system. The south Bronx has the highest hunger and obesity rate, may be due to the fact that hunger and obesity are working together. Obesity in children is at epidemic levels. School lunches have evolved to be as nutritious as possible at the cheap price of about 3$. The body of a hungry human often adapts to survive store more energy. The hungry body stores that energy in fat. Since fat weighs less than muscle, you can actually lose weight and still get fatter at the same time. The ratio of the weight of fat to the weight of muscle is the reason the obese are often hungrier than normal people. The obese need more energy to run the overweight body along with storing that energy the body stored in the fat. The “feast and famine”…