Hunger in Richard Wright's Black Boy Essay

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Hunger in Black Boy

In the troubled world in which we live in, it is almost impossible not to find someone who is experiencing hunger in any one of its forms. Whether it is for food, for knowledge, or for love, hunger is everywhere and it mercilessly attacks anyone, young or old, black or white. In Richard Wright's autobiography, Black Boy, Wright suffers hunger for love, hunger for knowledge, and hunger for what he believes is right.

A constant need for love and care develops in Richard when he is young. One of the first major events that occur to Richard during his autobiography is the abandonment by his father. As soon as his father leaves him and his mother, Richard begins to be deprived of the love he needs most
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He sees that by doing so, Richard will not only please the preacher, but he will demonstrate the strong love he has for his mother. This finally makes him do what he was trying to avoid most. Although he has a rough childhood, it is clear that love remains in his heart, but as he begins to be deprived from it more and more, his hunger for it becomes less intense.

An insatiable hunger for knowledge is displayed by Richard not only when he is small, but also as he grows up to be a young adult. Even as a small child, he asks numerous questions about everything that interests him, touching topics like racial discrimination, poverty, religion, and life in general. By the questions he asks, the reader can see he wants to satisfy this hunger that ails him, even when the responses he receives from his elders may be the kind that would discourage others. Even though most of the time his questions are met by a scolding, a slap, or other types of abuse, he continues to ask, and his longing for knowledge is displayed. When interrogated by his grandmother about a book he was reading, he vows, "as soon as [am] old enough I [will] buy all the novels there [are] and read them to feed that thirst..." (40). Even when he is oppressed by others trying to make him quit his quest for education, he continues on it and finds satisfaction in
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