Hunger of Friends

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Allissandra—Allix, as her friends and relatives lovingly called her—used to be a humble and diligent, ordinary girl. She lived with her mother on a comfortable home, had funny friends, went to school and did some part-time jobs for extra cash. However, that was before her mother fell ill and the merciless Noza Empire ravaged the cities along the coastline with bombs and plunged it into war. She learned the hard way that, not only do grownups believe in magic and all sorts of invisible things, but that a lot of them were eager to kill and start wars because of these beliefs. Like the war that reached her city obliging her to plunder abandoned houses, looking for food and valuables to trade for her mother medicine in the black market. Every night, Allix would go to bed early, before the sun even began to set. It was necessary for survival. She was able to get up at night, to scavenge in the empty houses, trying to find whatever food she could. One night She woke up almost at daybreak, with her stomach remembering that she was starving, and her body began to trembling with hunger. The last month was terrible. She’d eaten only her mother´s leftovers in the hope of hiding the truth about the situation they were in. Each day she became weaker and dizzier. It was too late to search in abandoned houses, but two blocks away was the Orange Street where wealthy people still lived. Maybe she could find something in their garbage. It would not be the first time. Allix took a little
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