Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez

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In Richard Rodriguez autobiography, Hunger of Memory, Richard himself writes about his educational journey. Rodriguez wrote such book in 1982. The book revolves around the life a young immigrant child, whom has a difficult time understanding how to adapt himself in the given environment. Furthermore, the book navigates the readers though Richards transition form boyhood to adulthood. Not only so, but Richard discusses how the opportunities that were presented to him altered his viewpoints in life as well as education. At a very young age, himself and his family immigrated to the United States. Once established in the United States he was enrolled in a Roman Catholic elementary school, alongside his brother and sister. During the time, Richard only knew about fifty English words. He suffered from shyness, when it came to his English class. He did not speak that much, thus after six months nun’s from the school went to his house to discuss the given situation with Richards parents. The nuns suggested that Richard’s parents should practice the English language more in their home. The parents agreed, which infuriated Richard because he felt as if his parents had pushed aside their own language as well as their culture. Most importantly, Richard felt that the only thing that brought them close together, before, was gone. Richard was given daily tutoring sessions, which helped him learn more English. However, he notes that during the same process he and his family were becoming
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