Hunger of Memory by Richard Rodriguez

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To be an ethnic American is a culture all on its own. Hunger of memory by Richard Rodríguez gives an insight into the rarely viewed world. A person that no longer falls into either category of family or American community. Such an individual is stuck between two worlds, in which two different cultures collide yet form a rift through family, language and education. Family is the first thing anybody grows to know. You become familiarized with the traditions and the people of the unit. In the case of an ethnic family living and growing up in the United States, the unit should be a more joint and stronger community within, and set apart from the rest with its own uniqueness. There should also be a security and comfort entering the home. Yet through the book you begin to see a fissure opening more and more thus separating Richard from his family as he begin to venture out into the “gringo” community. Suddenly the comfort felt in the home diminishes and it becomes awkward. The unity you could sense seems to be no longer present and silence falls over. The community built in order to keep the gringos out is no longer there. In the case of Richard this begins with the start of the path of his education.
In Hunger of Memory Richard talks about the separation that occurs with him and his family as his education unfolds. How he became a scholarship boy changes everything. His journey, like most ethnic/ Latino families, began his first years in school. There he is still an outcast,
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