Hungry And Tired By The Woods With No Direction

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Hungry and tired you wonder through the woods with no direction. You have no idea where you are. The faint smell of possible food is nipping at your nose, and you are frantically searching for scraps to feed your family. A small amount of any meat will ward off starvation. Suddenly, in the distance you see a glimmer of hope, a deer is standing less than 100 yards in front of you. Now is your chance, to eat, to live. Running as fast as you can towards your pray you have hope that this deer doesn’t escape. With your nerves on edge and your heart racing, you can’t help but let out a scream of excitement. Then, there is the sound thunder. Terrified, you rush to a stop to look around, but there is nothing in sight. Continuing to walk hesitantly you feel a sting in your chest and there is a growing burning sensation. You have been shot. Never seeing your killer, you slip into darkness, and the only thought on your mind is now your family is going to starve. Wolves have been hunted down to catastrophically low numbers. For years people have killed wolves out of ignorant fear because the canines are a predator who solely feeds on other animals. They cannot help their carnivorous ways, and they usually do not over hunt and gorge themselves like gluttonous humans do. Because of the hysteria that people have and the notion that wolves are murders, and that they are just out to kill, wolves are being hunted down and killed for doing what comes naturally to them. This is not only

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