Hungry For Some Ice Cream

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Hungry for some ice cream? When many people think of ice cream the thought of warm summer days, innocence, and even comfort come to mind. But in the viral video ad of Little Baby’s Ice Cream, “This is a Special Time” surely does not make one think of these things. This odd and strange ice cream commercial caught my eye and many others, ranging from ice cream lovers of all ages to Internet junkies leaving us with creepy feelings and nightmares. The reasoning behind the eeriness and nightmares all come from the rhetorical appeal of pathos, which is a quality that evokes emotions ( When analyzing Little Baby’s Ice Cream commercial, “This is a Special Time,” it shows the usage of pathos through the combination of the imagery,…show more content…
Due to the growing, piercing, round eyes, it gives off a sense of pure sensation as the man continues to devour his “delicious” ice cream body self, but also gives a sinister look to the audience as well. The look really makes the viewer truly feel uncomfortable, leaving the hairs at the back of their necks stand. Thus, the actor is able to lure the audience in by just the look of his eyes. Next, the actor was able to portray his acting well throughout the ad by giving viewers an emotion of disgust but also the philosophy of the company itself. The humanoid ice cream man is able to provide a backstory through his acting. He is able to portray this by showing the incredible sensation that devouring his own ice cream body provides enjoyment and how his body is highly irresistible to not consume. Although the humanoid ice cream figure is highly enjoying himself, the acting was able to give off the emotion of disgust to viewers. The sensation of disgust is evident because the full thought of devouring oneself and enjoying the process is a horrid vision. The ad was able to show a sense of decrease in self and that the compulsiveness to consume the delicious ice cream body is just too enticing. In fact, this symbolizes Little Baby’s Ice Cream Company itself. The title and acting in the video is how visitors and consumers should react to the shop. One’s experience at the homemade ice cream shop located in Philadelphia should always be “a special time.” Due
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