Hungry for Worship Book Review Essay

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY HUNGRY FOR WORSHIP BY BOOK REVIEW SUBMITTED TO DR. RODNEY WHALEY IN PARTIAL FULFILLMENT OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR THE COMPLETION OF THE COURSE MUSC 610 – TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES FOR WORSHIP BY KIANAN SMITH LYNCHBURG, VA JUNE 2014 Name: Kianan Smith Book Report # Spring 2014 Semester Hungry for Worship by: Frank S. Page and L. Lavon Gray Chapter 1: Summary: In this text, Hungry for Worship, authors Frank Page and L. Gray write about the hunger for worshipping God that all leaders should possess. In chapter 1, both authors begin the text with the concept of how the body has fallen in love with the method of worship and not the actual act of being in the Presence of God. They…show more content…
They give examples from C.S. Lewis when discussing this subject. They quote Lewis with the term “Chronological snobbery”. This term means that while older generations only find value in the traditions and heritage of our faith, the younger generations only find relevance in what is current. They also write this type of separation between the young and old has effectively begun dismembering the body of Christ limb by limb. The authors also put focus on the act of individual preferences through church shopping. This according to Page and Gray, result in the encouraging of churches to offer consumer-driven programming in order to keep members on their rolls. They give scripture which identifies the importance of unity. Ephesians 4:14-16 shows how the body of Christ should be unified in the midst of diversity. Leaders should work extra hard to keep the church family worshipping together. The authors condemn chronological snobbery and suggest that both the young and old come together. The young generation must grow up and the older generation needs to adapt. Analysis: The authors point out a huge problem that is alive and well in the church. Due to personal preferences, the church has separated itself from one another. Not only are different cultures separate but the age differences within the church are separated amongst themselves. The leaders of worship within the church whether they are pastors or worship band leaders must not
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