Hunter: A Fictional Narrative

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On Friday 13th, 1888, in Burnsville, Wisconsin. Ash Middle School was having a scary story day and Asher was up. As he walked up to the front of the classroom the lights went out. Everyone screamed! At that exact moment the window roared open. As Mrs. Crimson grabbed the flashlight, Asher went to close the window. “So Asher what do you have for us today?”, Mrs. Crimson said. I’m going to tell you the most scariest story ever! So scary it will make you pee your pants. All the kids squealed!

About 200 years ago, there was a hotel sitting on a hill in the far away mist. The owner of the hotel was a lady named, Madam Slayer. There was a rumor that said, “once you enter the hotel, you never get out.” “Oh, wow that must be scary!”,said Mrs. Crimson.
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The family needed a place to live while they looked for a house. So as they arose young Ella Nease said, “Daddy this place looks a little scary.” “We will be fine.” Daddy said. When the family got out of the car the first thing they heard was, “cawhhhh”, “cawhhhh” and noticed a nearby crow perched up in the tree. The Nease family arose to the front doors and walked right in. There was no one in the room so Gary Nease said, “Hello”. The doors shut and the Nease family jumped around! There was a tall woman there standing in front of the door. The lady exclaimed, “Welcome to Burnsville hotel, where everything is a mystery! I’m Madam Slayer” Sherri Nease said, “We have reservations for four weeks.” Madam Slayer said, “Oh, I know we have the perfect room for you
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