Hunter-Gatherer Societies from Different Views

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Duygu Tanrıverdi 1657147 Hunter-Gatherer Societies From Different Views Before comparing and contrasting the attitudes of the scholars July, Cameron, Sahlins and Polanyi towards hunter-gatherer societies, one should discover some facts about these societies’ lives. Hunter-gatherers are the people living in small mobile societies who makes their life on subsistence level by daily hunting and gathering activities. They try to avoid market and do not tend to trade for economic benefits. The economic activites they do, seem to be embedded into the social interactions. They basicly depend on reciprocity, redistribution and householding. In his work, “The Original Affluent Society” in “Stone Age Economics”(1974) –which is…show more content…
He thinks that after the colonial period , when the agricultural areas used by society for subsistence had been turned into private properties, there had been a tremendous increase in the efficiency of the land. He sees great examples of the recipropcity and redistribution consistently but he never notices that. He takes in hand the cattleman trying to enlarge his herd as the very basic stage of the “economic man” however he does not see the way they breed and distribute the cattles. Among these three authors, Karl Polanyi’s attitutes are parallel to Sahlins’. Polanyi believes that today’s world is not the highest possible form of its own, there are ups and downs always; so the hunter gatherer are not primitive as they are told so. As Polanyi and Sahlins see, social relations dominates and regulates the economic activities. For hunter-gatherers,gain and profit is not important in any manner and generousity is seen as a virtue. Cameron, on the other hand, would be the one standing on the opposite side of Karl Polanyi. He is a proponent of the old view about the hunter-gatherers. About their life quality and health conditions Polanyi and Cameron point out completely opposite things. Polanyi thinks that free market economy does not evolve naturally and it is not the highest possible standart that human beings can or willing to achieve while Cameron thinks that everything happened in the history served for maket economy to arise. REFERENCES Polanyi,K.(1944) The
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