Hunter Hayes Should Be Inducted into the CMA Hall of Fame

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Imagine yourself outside with thousands of people in midsummer, on the beach with your friends, dancing around, hitting beach balls in the air, and drinking your favorite drink. Then suddenly the concert starts, you hear the song Storm Warning start to play, and see the fog rise above the stage, and then Hunter Hayes starts rising from underneath the stage into the fog, and he starts to sing. Due to Hunter Hayes’s awards/nominations, charitable contributions, and impact/inspiration on his life proves beyond a doubt that the CMA Hall of Fame should induct this person. First of all, Hayes should be inducted into the CMA Hall of Fame because he has received many awards and nominations. Some of his top songs are: ‘Wanted”, “Storm Warning”, “Somebody Heartbreak”, “Invisible”. Not only has he received the award for male country artist of the year for 2012 but he was also awarded song of the year in 2013 for his song “Wanted,” CMT Nationwide Insurance On Your Side in 2013. Some of his nominations are: “...nominated for best pop vocal album transcending various styles to his own stamp on music” (Bobbin), breakthrough artist of the year in 2013, CMT Male Video of the year for his song “Wanted,” New male vocalist of the year, and Best Country Solo Performance. Also, Hunter Hayes should be inducted to the CMA Hall of Fame because of his charitable contributions to the world. “ The multi Grammy nominee is trying to break the record for most concerts played in twenty-four hours in

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