Hunter Point Narrative

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We’re Arriving at Hunter Point. Please secure your personal belongings as you disembark came the robotic voice over the loudspeaker on the blasted machine. Liana quickly grabbed her meager belongings as the majestic metal beast came to a full stop. As she waited for the doors to open she tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear which had slipped out of the sloppy bun that sat on her head. She exited the train and was hit with a strong smell of coffee with an underlying scent which she couldn’t pinpoint, but she couldn’t help but scrunch up her face in distaste. She looked at the heavy crowd that seemed to flood the old station. As she pushed her way to through the crowd to the left of her she noticed a newsstand and in bold letters it read: Death toll quickly rising most death are women and children. Finally, she outside the station she didn’t care for overly crowded transportation after being use to driving her car but, wasn’t sure if her uncle would have a place to park her car let alone if…show more content…
Burnt homes, flipped cars, destroyed shops were scattered. The uncertainty that had left her earlier returned at full force as they seemed to move away from the populated area. After about another ten minutes of driving, they came to a stop. ‘At be twenty doll’rs the old cab grunted out. Liana gave the grumpy old man the money and exited the car with her things. In front of her stood a gloomy, run-down ill maintained two story house. The house looked abandoned as if it held no life. The doors and windows were covered in a thick layer of dust. The window panels look rotten and ready to fall off at the slightest hint of a strong wind, ivy cling to the outer wall of the house. The land surrounding the house was filled with unkempt undergrowth.Liana urged herself forward and came to a halt in front of the dirty covered door. Taking a deep breath she reached out and knocked on the
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