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Hunter-Worth: Critical Analysis of Communication Breakdown and Cultural Disconnect Robert Neal GM501-01 Management Theories and Practices II Professor Dr. Joel Olson February 22, 2014 Introduction The purpose of performing a case study is to apply the knowledge from previous lessons learned in the area of managing proper communication. After taking the personal assessment of communication apprehension exercise, I learned that I like to speak in group or groups of people. Some of my weaker areas involve public speaking and meetings. These two areas are important to work on since management speaks inside and outside the organization. It is important learn to communicate effectively since…show more content…
Chuck then forwarded the message to his supervisor and Sato. As to his surprise he received a phone call from Vincent whom was angered by the message Chuck forwarded, asking why he had went over his head and said such things to his boss. It seemed that Michael forwarded the message to Hunter-Worth’s vice president of operations, which was then forwarded to the Mexican subsidiary’s president. (Daft, 2012) Even though Chuck was not apologetic, this all could have been avoided if Vincent would have responded to his e-mail instead of his secretary whom Vincent stated answers all his e-mail and figured if the was any urgency he would have called instead. Vincent assumed Chuck was not interested in hearing the problems that they were having with suppliers and that they did not take deadlines seriously north of the border he hung up without a response. Recommendations Even though Chuck seems disheartened and confused about things getting worse, he could have avoided this all in the first place by developing an effective form of communication channel. It is Chuck’s responsibility to gather all the information from within the organization and distribute that information to the ones that need it. The first thing Chuck should have done

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