Hunters in the Snow

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Mark E. English Composition 1102 Fiction Writing Assignment Chapter 1 – “Hunters in the Snow” 1. Discuss the way Tub is presented in the opening scene. Does your assessment of his character change in the later scenes? The character of Tub was presented in the opening scene as someone who would not stand up for himself and was willing to be ridiculed and made fun of to be part of a group. He allowed his friends to take advantage of him by making him wait over an hour in the cold and snow, accepting this behavior without even an apology. Tub was a character with low self esteem and was embarrassed of his weight, which allows him to make excuses and lie to everyone. The assessment of Tub did not change at the end of the story. He was…show more content…
Focusing on her future freedoms she was interrupted at the door by her husband. There had been a mix up and Mr. Mallard was nowhere near the train accident. Mrs. Mallard’s heart condition could not take the weight of change and she passed away. Chapter 4 – “The Darling” 1. Identify the theme of “The Darling.” How do Olenka’s several relationships with male characters help to elucidate the theme? The theme of “The Darling” tells of a woman named Olenka that changes her interest every time she falls madly in love with a new man. This gives the reader the perception that she cannot form an opinion on her own. The behavior leaves Olenka distraught every time a man leaves her life. Olenka’s relationship between her first and second husband helps elucidate the theme. Olenka’s first husband Ivan Petrovich loved the theater which meant Olenka loved the theater. When Olenka married her second husband Vassitchka he did not enjoy the theater. His opinion became Olenka’s opinion. She then had the belief that she did not have time for the nonsense of theater. Chapter 4 – “A Worn Path” 1. Write a precise, well-developed sentence that states as fully as possible the theme of the story. Remember to avoid clichés or oversimplification. Phoenix Jackson's faint mind and physical structure was no obstruction to the insurmountable love she felt toward her grandson. Phoenix demonstrated this on numerous occasions throughout the story.
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