Hunting : A Animal 's Rights Activist

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Some might think of hunting as a cruel way to obtain food and it is no longer needed for survival, but it is much more than that. Hunting has many others benefits than just a source of food. It helps control population, provides resources, and is a better life for the animals outside of captivity. Hunting is important in maintaining wildlife conservation and should be continued in the United States and in other countries. Author Noah Berlatsky, a animal 's rights activist strongly disagrees with this opinion. He believes there is no kind or amount of hunting that is justified. While I understand that hunting can sometimes cause unnecessary suffering, this is not often the case and does not speak for the majority. No hunter wants an animal to suffer. It would not be in the hunter 's best interest to have to chase a scared, possibly dangerous animal to get a second shot or lose the animal in the process. Hunters try for a fatal shot to vital organs the first time and don 't shoot unless they have a clear shot. When done right and safely, hunting can be very beneficial.
Hunting is an important part in controlling wildlife population. “The argument that hunting is supposedly insignificant in managing the fox population, as claimed by the anti-hunting groups, once again fails to understand that as a wildlife management process(Barrington, P. CITE).” Author Jim Barrington believes hunting is an important part in controlling population and keeping the remaining population
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