Hunting Deer Dogs Should Be Banned

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Many families in the world have pets they love and care for each day; however, how would the parents and children handle the killing of one of their adored pets while trying to harvest deer? Hunting deer with dogs is a very fast paced technique of hunting. Hunters line up in a horizontal line in the woods and wait patiently for the dogs to flush the deer into their sight. Hunters then shoot anything that runs out of the woods because if they wait too long to determine how mature the deer is, the deer will have already ran by them. Not only are young deer killed, but sometimes, the poor, innocent dogs are shot on accident and a hunter may be in the wrong place at the wrong time also. Hunting deer with dogs should be banned because it decreases the population, pressures the deer, and is dangerous for the hunters and the dogs. Hunting deer with dogs should be banned because it decreases the population. Hunters who hunt with dogs, commonly known as dog hunters, shoot any deer seen to provide food for their family. These hunters may use this method as the only way to provide meat on the table for their families. The dog hunters shoot young deer that other hunters who do not use this method would have waited to shoot until they have become mature enough. If dog hunters harvest any deer no matter the age or size, then the deer population will decrease because the deer will not be able to express the full maturity needed to reproduce. For instance, John Hay Rabb explains the

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