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Hunting Hunting is a sport or activity, depending on who is asked, that is enjoyed by many and taken too seriously by others. There are many aspects of the activity that can make it fun or even boring but overall hunting is something fun to do. I have been hunting from a very young age and actually acquired the certification to get hunting license at the age of eight. Hunting has many different variables including the animals that will be hunted and the caliber of gun that is desired for use. There are many different types and calibers of weapons that are available for use while hunting. Weapons are not the only things that vary a lot in hunting but items such as animal calls and camouflage to tents and blinds to tree stand to…show more content…
Seeing other things such as feces or broken plants these can also show eating habits or bedding grounds that have been used recently in comparison to the time they are found. The fresher or more recent item tells how close the hunter may be to its prey. The next sense that is very useful in hunting is the sense of hearing. Even though it may seem difficult there are times where say elk will bugle, or make its mating noise, where it is easier to discover where they may be and then it’s a matter of getting there and taking the shot. If the hunter chooses not to walk a lot and sit somewhere and hope to see the animal they are hunting they may use their sense of hearing to tell if anything is behind them or around them that may not be known of at the time. Touch can arguably be the next best sense that is used you can touch bedding areas to see if they are still warm from the animal sleeping recently or if it has gone cold. If the hunter is daring enough he or she may even touch feces to see how warm it is and see if that animal was in that location recently. Smell and taste are still useful but are not as useful as the others because I do not know anyone that tastes or smells anything an animal may leave behind. Hunting is similar to a giant game of cat and mouse in the sense that the hunter goes around a forest or whatever the terrain may be and attempts to

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