Hunting History

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Throughout history, mankind has found new ways to get the things they need in order to survive. Before the modern man evolved its form of obtaining this supplies, the most common way that natives used, was hunting. This method required a lot of experience, in order to use the weapons and to know when was the best moment to go behind the tracks of the animal. Indeed, there are still people who like to hunt as a hobby now in the present. Many more details were involved in this activity, but what were those parts that made hunting so important and necessary?

There were different types of hunting in all kind of tribes, although they were related. They had to use varied weapons for every animal. The most common articles were the bow and arrow and the tomahawk. The arrow stick was normally made out of tree wood; the arrow point was made out either of rock, bone,
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They went out to hunt at different hours of the day, choosing the best time to catch their prey. Deer and moose were hunted at night, by imitating their “cry” to attract them. Birds were trapped in the feathers in the middle of the flight to have more accuracy in the shot. Harpoons were used to catch fish, since they had such aim. Mammals, such as bears and buffaloes, were hunted in groups. Even though the natives were really violent at the moment of hunting, they showed respect to the animals. They believed that powerful animal spirits controlled them, so they did a cult ceremony before going to hunt.

Even though hunting is not a common way of getting sources anymore, people still like to hunt in the present, not only for a hobby, but for jobs. These jobs consist on getting different animal meat for the business or market. As the modern man has evolved, also the weaponry has changed. People now use shotguns to get the animals they want to kill, although there are still people that use bow and arrow, but made out of thick plastic and
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