Hunting : Hunting On Land Or Water

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“There are no bad days in a duck blind” (Waterman). Hunters need to be thinking about what worthwhile supplies to take: what they 're going to shoot and what kind of dog they want. These are the necessities that a hunter needs to begin waterfowl hunting on land or water. Waterfowl hunting takes a lot of money and time to make it a fun tradition that lasts forever. To begin waterfowl hunting many people suggest going with a buddy or a family member to get started.
Most importantly, waterfowl hunters need to begin collecting gear that helps them survive the elements and have a successful day. First, different types of clothing are required. Hunters should buy the appropriate clothing and camouflage pattern that best fits where
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In addition, waterfowl hunters have a variety of options when it comes to waterfowl decoys. Stores nowadays have many different types and styles of decoys that they sell for different price ranges (Strobl). First, a beginner should consider going with the original 12 mallard spread style ("The Beginner 's Guide to Duck Hunting"). Mallards are a persistent breed to North America and many other ducks will come in to mallard decoys (Wilds). Hunters might also consider having Canadian geese in their spread if there are geese in their area (Smith, Nick.65). Second, the decoys hunters buy need some kind of weight and line. Stores have many different options when it comes to line and weights because of the different areas that could be hunted. For a beginner on a limited budget, one could easily use strap weights and jute twine, which are the cheapest and would work just fine (Dorris). Third, motion decoys have change waterfowl hunting tremendously. It is almost necessary for motion decoys (“The Outpost v6",26 - 27 ). Motion decoys come in different styles like decoys but provide realism into the spread by moving and splashing (“The Outpost v6", 26 - 27). Decoys are an important part of duck hunting because they show other birds it 's safe to eat and relax there.

Most importantly, shotguns are the most expensive part in the process to start waterfowl hunting. First, there are so many varieties that hunters have to
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