Hunting Is An Essential Component Of Conservation

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history of hunting reveals that hunters of today share many of the same motivations and methods as ancient hunters. While technology and accessories may be different that those used for hunting thousands of years ago, the ability to take down an animal is something to be celebrated. When you learn the history of hunting, you’ll gain greater appreciation for this old tradition. Hunting is an essential component of conservation and can be used in everyday life; it has been a part of American history from its earliest beginnings and once provided a necessary source of food. In the early 1900s, when many wildlife species were almost near extinction, hunters stepped forward and asked Congress to impose an excise tax on the sale of firearms and ammunition products to help fund wildlife conservation in the United States. Another act that came into effect was the Conservation Movement. The conservation movement covers the movement to preserve and protect America’s wildlife, the lands, and other natural resources. A lot of hunters hunt for one purpose and that is to feed their families. These hunters usually hunt during the specific seasons where they can harvest the animals that their families will eat. Hunting is also an effective form of management because it will remove a number of individual animals from a population and prevent them from reproducing. Reducing the population will reduce human/animal conflicts, such as car collisions, Lyme disease and landscaping damage.
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