Hunting Is Hunting As A Sport

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Hunting has always been a sport beginning in prehistoric times. Hunting provides individuals with something to spend their spare time doing while being able to gather meat to feed their families. When hunting, the main weapons of choice are a bow and arrow, shotgun, rifle, and black powder. The more humane shot is going to be the cleaner kill with the right weapon. Hunting has been around for many years and continues to become more humane as the methods and weapons evolve.
As the years go by, hunting continues to change. In the past, hunting was a necessity; but today hunting is mainly a sport with the benefits of bringing home food for the family. Jan E. Dizard explains hunting as: Hunting is the pursuit and killing of wild game animals for food or sport. For most of human history, people hunted to survive. This kind of hunting is called subsistence hunting. Most game species have since repopulated. Today nearly all hunting is done for sport. Most modern hunters eat what they kill. They hunt mainly for the challenge of matching their skills against the instincts of animals. (Dizard) Hunting is no longer a necessity for food or clothing from the animals pelts “Hunting”. Not only has hunting evolved into more of a sport, the weapons individuals have available to them have changed also.
Over the course of many years, the weapons individuals use have changed for the better. Early man used a bow and arrow to kill wild game and sometimes even a blowgun, which was

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