Hunting Is No Longer Necessary For Survival

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Genesis chapter 27, verse 3 says “Now then, take your weapons, your quiver and your bow, and go out to the field and hunt game for me.” Hunting started millions of years ago for the intentions of food, clothing, and shelter supplies. Back in the Stone Age, hunting was essential for surviving in those critical situations that derived from everyday living. Recently hunting has become more a recreational sport and less of a necessity for survival, it is true that most hunters now days still eat the meat from the animals that they kill for sport and pleasure. However, hunting is no longer necessary for survival. Many people of today’s society question whether hunting has a negative impact on the environment, and is it considered just to kill…show more content…
From the winter’s deer season to spring’s turkey season, there will always be different kinds of animals in the wild that could be used for food. Many different cultures rely on these hunts to bring about survival for their own population. (Farbman). With the rotation of animals between seasons comes rules and regulations as to how these animals can be taken; these different seasons and laws have the ability to challenge the hunter so that he/she have to work for the animal that they want and so that the animal themselves are not inhumanly killed. For example, a bird being shot by a bullet that is too large would allow for an exaggerated kill for the hunter, as well as a inhumane and unjust killing of that animal. During bow hunting, one would skillfully use a bow and arrow, and strategically puncture the animals in the thoracic region. Rifle hunting is by going out with a rifle, as in trapping, you would set traps out and wait, then use your rifle when the time comes. Spearing is a little trickier than the other techniques. One would have to get right up on them to successfully use the spear. Though any way is purposeful, the main objective is to win the animal at the end of the day. Back before the pioneers and settlers ran the
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