Hunting : The Benefits Of Wildlife Conservation

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The Benefits of Hunting
Conservation is the protection and preservation of nature (Peterson 53). Hunting is an important part of the conservation of wildlife. Hunting is widely considered a crucial part of wildlife conservation. Hunting benefits wildlife by controlling the population, raising funds for wildlife conservation, and protect wildlife.
In America, there are 15 million hunters annually (“Hunting conservation”1). Hunting is a common activity around the world. Hunting is performed for several reasons. Some hunt to provide food, while others hunt for enjoyment. Hunters are among the foremost supporters of wildlife conservation (1). Through many ways they help benefit wildlife. Hunting is used as a management tool around the world.
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Hunting is a valuable source of funding for conservation. Hunters pay fees and taxes, which go towards wildlife management programs (Peterson 22-23). According to North Carolina Wildlife Resource Commission “hunting related spending supports wildlife agencies through license sales and the excise tax on hunting equipment” (“Benefits” 1). There have been many federal efforts to create funding for conservation from hunting. The Pittman-Robertson act was established to raise funds for conservation by levying taxes and fees (Gooch 2). The Pittman- Robertson act has raised $10.1 billion since it was enacted in 1937 (Guiden 3). This money is used for conservation all over the country. According to The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service “the sale of hunting license, tags, and stamps is the primary source of funding for most state wildlife conservation efforts” (“Fish and Wildlife” 1). State License and fees raise $796 million a year for conservation programs (“25 reasons” 1). For example, “In Michigan, hunters pay for approximately 80 percent of the Department of Natural Resources’ wildlife management” (“Hunting and wildlife” 1). These programs have helped preserve the wildlife of the state for future generations. The funding from hunting has been very successful in supporting wildlife management. North America Contained Only 41,000 elk in 1907(“25 reasons” 1). Today there are over 1 million elk in North America (1).
Lastly, hunting is
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