Huntingdon College. Huntingdon College Has A Tiny Campus

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Huntingdon College

Huntingdon College has a tiny campus of only three acres in a pleasant neighborhood of Montgomery, Alabama. The campus is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Around 1,100 students attend the traditional day and adult evening degree completion programs. Students from almost every county in the state attend Huntingdon College.
Huntingdon College is consistently listed among the top best colleges in the region. They are a member of the Tree Campus USA program. The student to faculty ratio is 14 to one and the average class size is just 17. All academic programs have a basic liberal arts curriculum that branch off into a wide range of academic majors, certification programs and pre-professional programs.
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Admissions decisions are based on overall performance that includes high school GPA, course schedule and ACT/SAT scores. Those who are eligible for regular admission as freshman must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in high school and an ACT score of 20. Applicants who do not meet these minimum standards will be reviewed for admission on an individual basis. Students who gain admission will enjoy participating in The Huntingdon Plan that includes a free laptop, cheap travel-study, fixed tuition rates and special learning options. These include work-study, internships, preparation programs and student-faculty research opportunities.

Huntingdon College Tuition and Financial Aid
The cost of attendance at Huntingdon College is $36,935. Tuition is $25,450, dorms are $9,100, personal expenses are $2,035 and books are $350. The Fixed Tuition program, which is the only plan of its kind in the region, means that students will pay the same costs for tuition all four years of full-time enrollment. The Fixed Books program means that that cost of books is included in the cost of tuition and fees. Over $20 million is annually administered to almost all traditional day students. There are scholarships based on achievement, circumstance and academic merit. Some are awarded on the basis of leadership, service or participation in specific clubs or organizations. There are affiliation programs with high schools,

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