Huntington 's Disease Is A Rare Progressive Genetic Disorder

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Huntington 's Chorea or Huntington 's Disease is a rare progressive genetic disorder which afflicts roughly 7 out of every 100,000 people in North America (Rawlins, 2016, pp. 144–153). The disease manifests primarily in tissues of the brain, and affects the shutdown of many primary functions including speech, movement, and cognitive abilities. With a strong genetic component, there is a 50% chance of just one parent passing the gene linked with Huntington 's Disease along to offspring; additionally, studies have proven that everyone with the defective gene will eventually develop Huntington 's Disease. Though medications are used to mange some symptoms of the disease, there is no cure, and there are currently no medication options to manage the psychological and physical decline which comes with end-stage Huntington 's Disease. Huntington 's Chorea: Trapped in Your Own Body Imagine knowing that, based on your genetics, you are given about 15 years to live from the time that the tremors begin. Now imagine that the time between now and the eventual end will be filled by the full loss of control of your own movements and speech; this all coming to an end with a steady cognitive and psychological decline into madness. This horrible existence is the reality for those diagnosed with Huntington 's Disease. History of the Disease Though observed and noted for several hundred years in various forms, Huntington 's Disease has only been recognized by modern medicine
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