Huntington's Monologue

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The camera had panned back up to the schoolgirls face. As arousing as the sight of her tight, young body, with it's dripping pink cunt, and perky breasts with erect nipples exposed under what remained of her uniform, to the pornographer, her expressions and actions were just as much Adam laughed aloud, and behind him, in the wings, a chuckle, and a hand-clap of applause emanated from Blair Huntington. The man who'd forked out fifty-thousand dollars simply to watch the unsuspecting teenager be gang-banged by his loyal employees. Not that they'd minded when Karl had advised them of his plan, and from what he could gather, considering the manner in which Sophie Scott writhed and moaned in pleasure, neither did she.

"Wreck the bitch".

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The entire time she was breathily mocked and taunted, called a whore, slut and hussy, asked if she liked it, and how she wished to be fucked. Not that she had a choice in the latter, Sophie was nothing more than a piece of young meat and a set of tight holes available for their pleasure.

When she was roughly hiked off the bed by Karl, one man took the opportunity to spread her legs wide apart and slam his cock into the teen's dripping, pink hole. Beside her, others released their erections and stroked. Sophie Scott's arms were lifted in the air, and the guard behind her chuckled when he pressed the cool glass tip of the dildo, slick with the juices from her pussy, against her rear entrance, and began to spread it open. 'Guess it's my lucky day, I'll be your first.' His gaze shifted to his companions, 'But you not your
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Then, the support off the bed was pulled away. If it hadn't been for the stranger having wrapped her legs around his waist as he pounded her tight, sopping slit, Sophie's shoulders might have been wrenched from their sockets. It caused her to drop, and for the teen's head to fall back, perfectly aligned at crotch level. Karl, as he'd done with Alexandria earlier that day, slid the leather belt from the loops of his pants, and smiled into her gorgeous hazel eyes. 'You said something about punishment."

As the Security Chief feed his belt, a lone hand pushed the cool glass dildo into her tight virgin asshole, more squeezed her perky tits, one man wrapped his lips wrapped around one rosy pink nipple, a bevy of digits gripped her tresses to pull her her mouth towards a multitude of waiting cocks, and Karl began to whip Sophie's buttocks in time with the thrusts of the man fucking her. She might not have caught Adam's eyes, but he'd caught hers through the lens, and loved every minute change in her expression, and hints of fear and
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