Huntsville Project Charter

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Huntsville Project Construction of a New Plant Jamie Alvarez Project Management Systems November, 2011 Senior Faculty: Donald George Project Name | NEW PLANT IN HUNTSVILLE SEITZ CORPORATION | Project Number | 1 | Project Manager | JAMIE ALVAREZ | Prioritization | 1 | Owner(s) | WALTER SEITZ | Start Date: | APRIL 17 2011 | Scheduled Completion Date: | JUNE 30 2012 | Mission | | In January 2010, the board of directors of SEITZ Corporation decided to select an investment project that would best achieve the strategic goals in the next fiscal year.. The construction of a new plant in Huntsville, Alabama for the SEITZ Corporation and operational latest by June 30, 2010.…show more content…
March, 2012 Procure Equipment, Raw Material and Track FleetApril, 2012 Installation of Equipment All unit and subsystem integration tests successfully completed. Draft training materials completed and approve by the Project Committee. May, 2012 Create Product Distribution Plan and Pre Production Plan Data conversion completed, initial application installation completed. End user training scheduled for all application users not a member of the early adopter group. June, 2012 Start Up Production and DistributionTest set completed and successfully executed. June 30th, 2012 Project End Date Project closeout meetings held, final go-live approval made by the Project Committee. | Cost/Financial Assumptions | | There is an open land market in Huntsville.There will be no additional premiums that will have to be paid. Permits for setting up the plant can be acquired through usual means and no premium activities will be required Personnel can be recruited in and around Huntsville Management personnel positions can be filled in through internal recruitments and only gaps needed to be addressed through external recruitment | User Acceptance Criteria/Quality | | Product will be manufactured will adhere to the quality standards of the corporation | Major Risks | | Financial Risk due to cost escalation for acquiring resources - staff, land, permits, equipment Schedule risk due to transfers and

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