Hunyango Sa Bato

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SUBJECT: “Hunyango sa Bato” by Abdon Balde Jr.
DATE : April 12, 2008
The story evolves in the life of a civil engineer and his experiences in the field of construction. He narrates how contractors and engineers from the private and government sectors transact business deals, more often than not, feeding their personal motives. He even enumerates ways on how to delight influential decision makers for future projects. He describes in detail how the sport of golf can get someone connections (even if personal pride is sacrificed) in the government. He further narrates that greed was the cause of some local disasters in the construction business like the Ruby Tower collapse, copper mining disaster and the Film
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He had a first hand experience in making connections with the right people in the government to give him government projects or to pull strings whenever needed. The sport of golf dramatizes how he was able to sacrifice personal pride and dignity by deliberately losing from the game and becoming a “cash cow” just to please ranking military or government officials, so that when future projects arises, the golf buddy is prioritized. This method of doing business greatly shows the nature of a person’s desire to succeed, even at the expense of other people. The construction business, either in the government or in the private sector, is described in the novel as a dirty game; in winning the bid for a certain project, contractors or engineers raises the cost of goods for a certain project or in declaring bogus measurements in a surveyed road project to be able to have a larger quantity of materials to be bought. Connivance, collusion or conspiracy is not new in this business. Just like the narrator who seemed to be a principled man in the beginning began to transform into someone he has hated before, a greedy and corrupt individual. Corruption is defined as,”bribery or other dishonest practices”1. Corruption is so common that it is expected, when ordinary businesses or citizens interact with any government official. Bribery around the world is,” estimated at about $1

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