Hupkrapong Royal Project: Efficiency, Sustainability and the Making of Royal Hegemony

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Hupkrapong Royal Project: Efficiency, Sustainability and The Making of Royal Hegemony By Pluemkoon Bualuang, 5304640773 Introduction Hupkrapong Royal Project is one of the most well known projects initiated by His Majesty the King, Bhumibol. It is located in Tambol Hupkapong, far rural area of Amphoe Cha-am of Phetchburi province. It was started in 1964, when His Majesty the king visited in the rural and impoverished area in this province, which the residents living there were majority farmers who had very low standard of living and seemed like no ways to improve because they had to rent land from landlords and payback the huge amount of debts. Thence, the king had an idea of providing the rights over the land to some of these…show more content…
They are supposed to learn the history of project, how well being the villagers has became after receiving the plot of land given by the king and what are the king’s concepts behind this project. This will take around 2 hours of presentation which is provided by officers from Hupkrapong Demonstration and Learning Center. After that, they will be escorted to the village to see the model of the project. For example, to see how the technologies and knowledge are used to adapt for the technique of planting, talk with the local people who had succeeded from joining the project, and see how the villagers create the additional values from its local ramie. This process has been done repeatedly every day continuously without any acknowledgement of other side of the story. I, therefore, went into the area and study on many issues of the project in order to see whether the Hupkrapong project has the efficiency to operate, sustainable, really does have some benefit for the local people, or it just goes to someone else. The process of study was done in the period of two days. It consists of interviewing ten villagers who are part of the project. I also talked with the head of Hupkrapong Demonstration and Learning Center who is responsible for providing all knowledge and information about Hupkrapong project. Then, I talked to the

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