Hurrican Island Outward Bound Individual Case Analysis Outline

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MKT 370 Spring 2011 Hurricane Island Outward Bound Individual Case Analysis Outline Note: When "bullet point" is specified you will typically provide one or two sentences per bullet point. Be sure to describe your responses quantitatively as well as qualitatively. What are the problems facing Philip Chin and the Hurricane Island Outward Bound? (two to three bullet points) (5 points) Phillip Chin and the Hurricane Island Outward Bound School are trying to find a balance between increasing revenue and staying in line with their mission and goals. They must find the ideal mix of course offerings and marketing efforts while maintaining school leadership. * In addition to finding the perfect marketing mix, Philip Chin and HIOB also…show more content…
This is because the school is grew and became more efficient from 1982-1985. * Evaluate the four-year trend in operating deficit; is it reasonable to expect HIOB to achieve in operating surplus soon? The operating deficit has decreased steadily from 1982-1985 from 711 to 162. At the current rate, we can expect HIOB to begin operating at a surplus very soon if the correct decisions are made along the way. Philip Chin has a total marketing budget of $308,000, but after salaries, fees, and planned marketing programs, only $54,000 remains for the discretionary marketing program. Evaluate each of the following four marketing programs for criteria listed (one sentence for each criteria): Expand "Alumni In Marketing Program" (AIM) (10 points) Program objective: Use the alumni network to identify individuals whom the school could direct its efforts and to take part in the presentations by doing publicity, helping with logistics, and providing testimonials. Fit with OB mission (high/medium/low, why?): It fits well (high) with the OB mission because it is using the former students to spread the word about their experience. It is expected to be the least controversial of all of the proposals. Program cost: Hiring someone to manage the network is estimated to cost $15,000 for 1987. Expected program benefits: The program will produce better organization for presentations, more word-of-mouth

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