Hurricane Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina is known for being the most dangerous and murderous hurricane that occurred on August of 2005. It was formed by a tropical wave that moved from the coast of Africa to the Gulf Coast. According to hurricanes they are distinguished by five different categories, the fifth being the strongest. The tropical wave turned into a hurricane under the fifth category that destroyed thousands of homes and killed thousands of people. Hurricane Katrina destroyed New Orleans hardest since it is located below sea level. Also because they had levees designed for a category three hurricanes. Therefore, it flooded quicker allowing places to flood from four feet to about nine feet. People went to their roof tops to find a way of survival. Hurricane Katrina impacted the ethical, social, and economical implications towards the survivors.
Ethical Implications People grew worried of the outcome of Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Katrina did not just cause flooding, but was established in the fifth category of the worst hurricane in the United States. People believed that a doomsday storm was going to occur and categorized Hurricane Katrina to be it. They did not know what the next day would be like, or if their life would go back to normal. All they could think about was what was going to happen next; how were they going to survive the damage it had caused? Moral principles played a part in staying close to their family and keeping one another safe. They tried keeping…
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