Hurricane Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina Natural disaster often happens anywhere in the world, However we may have time to evacuate if we get warnings such as earthquakes, tsunami etc. Hurricanes happen without having time to let people evacuate. This report will provide information about the hurricane Katrina that took place in August 28 2005. This report will provide information from different source that is provided online and in the library which will show information before the storm and flooding, during the storm and flooding, estimating of death and damages, economy and the aftermath of the event. Hurricane Katrina: Before the storm and flooding New Orleans was at specific danger. In spite of the fact that about a large portion of the city really lies above ocean level, its normal height is around six feet underneath ocean level–and it is totally encompassed by water (, 2005). Throughout the span of the twentieth century, the Army Corps of Engineers had manufactured an arrangement of levees and seawalls to keep the city from flooding (Hurricane, 2005). The levees along the Mississippi River were solid and tough, yet the ones constructed to keep down Lake Pontchartrain, Lake Borgne and the waterlogged bogs and swamps to the city 's east and west were a great deal less dependable. Indeed before the storm, authorities stressed that those levees, jerry-assembled on sandy, permeable, erodible soil, may not withstand an enormous storm surge. (CNN, 2014). Neighborhoods that
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