Hurricane Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina

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Jordyn Patton
Mr. Johnson

On August 29, 2005, people’s lives were about to change forever. A vicious storm called Hurricane Katrina was about to sweep through the Gulf Coast. Not only was this storm big, but it was the 5th greatest hurricane in the history of the United States, and took millions of people by surprise. This storm ruined people’s homes, and lives in less than 24 hours, and nothing would ever be the same again. It seemed like any normal day for people all over the Gulf Coast, until they get the news of a soon coming hurricane that is ranked at a category 3, but would soon change into a category 5 hurricane called Hurricane Katrina. This storm would ruin homes, kill innocent lives, and leave people struggling to survive for years to come. This storm would change the way people look at storms. There was chaos around the country as people were evacuating and preparing for the storm. People were warned about 2 days before the storm actually hit. Everyone in New Orleans was ordered to leave for the NWS predicted that the city would be flooded and inhabitable for weeks after. In New Orleans the Superdome would serve as a shelter for anyone who couldn’t leave. 112,000 people had no cars, and decided to take shelter and wait out the storm in their homes. 10,000 people took shelter in the Superdome which did end up being good shelter, and protection. The population in New Orleans went from 484,674 before the storm to 230,172 after the storm. That…
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