Hurricane Devastation Of Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricane Katrina
A study has shown throughout the years the effects of hurricane Katrina can still be seen. The death toll of this hurricane alone was devastating and left many people homeless, more than 800,000 housing units were destroyed or damaged in the storm. As stated, “Katrina is the costliest U.S hurricane, with estimated damage over $81 billion.” After the effects of this catastrophic storm, the red-cross had an enormous job on their hands; one that needed a functioning linking system to collaborate, understanding of how to manage major events, tactics, careful thinking, and volunteers who dare to care for the lives of others.
Though the Red Cross has taken on so many major events during their time of service. Katrina was a different magnitude. As stated, “Even as they were providing relief to hurricane survivors, it was clear to Red Cross disaster workers that some of those affected by the 2005 hurricanes would need support for years to come.” Although all of the Red Cross efforts were drowned by bad reports of misuse of money and poor responses. It is known that they provided emotional, monetary, case management, and information sharing to support families that was misplaced by the storm.
In addition, this type of assistance facilitated families to relocate in different states and try to pick themselves up from the disaster from which they came. However, the question still stands…
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