Hurricane Ike : Becoming A Reality Essay

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“Hurricane Ike is churning in the Gulf of Mexico and is heading straight for Galveston Island. It will be making landfall within hours, and wind gusts are already packing up to 110 mph,” announced the meteorologist on ABC news. I could not believe that a storm ould be approaching. It was a beautiful, hot day on Galveston Island. However, the water rose suddenly and rushed over the curbs, flooding the streets. The storm and its potential for devastation was becoming a reality. Dad, on his way to work, noticed the water rising and the waves splashing over the seawall. He turned the car around and rushed home. Dad dashed into the house yelling, “If we don’t leave immediately, we won’t be able to get out! Pack your bags!” We didn’t know what to take with us. Mom and I hurried from room to room, anxiously looking at portraits, furniture, and chandeliers. We knew that we couldn’t take them and feared that we would never see our home or belongings again. We grabbed necessities such as medications, clothes, electronic devices, and family photos. Worried and stressed, we drove to Moody Gardens Hotel to ride out the storm. Our tension increased as we noticed that the water was rising rapidly. The sun was still brightly shining. Once we arrived at the hotel, we parked the car on the highest covered parking level. The water had already covered the parking lot, curb, and shrubs. Water also covered all but the tops of the palm trees and a red Ford Focus that was floating in the
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