Hurricane Katrin A Horrific Day For The City Of New Orleans

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August 29, 2005, was a horrific day for the city of New Orleans. That day was when the deadly storm Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans. It was one of the worst hurricanes in the United States history. On August 28, 2005, Katrina was upgraded to a category five hurricane, which is the worst category that a hurricane can be named. A category five hurricane means catastrophic damage will occur since the wind was going 157 miles per hour or higher. Ray Nagin the mayor of New Orleans called for the first mandatory evacuation of the city and he announced that the Superdome were some of the places that were listed as places as shelters for people who cannot leave. After the hurricane hit the city of New Orleans, the city was…show more content…
New Orleans had a huge poverty problem and the hurricane made it worst for the poor people. New Orleans was one of the poorest cities in the United States even before Katrina. Even the police department had been in tons of troubles before Katrina. The NOPD has had a terrible reputation for years. In April 1996, NOPD officer Len Davis was imprisoned for killing a person who was complaining about police brutality. Another NOPD officer was involved in a robbery that left three dead including a police officer. From the years, 1995 to 1997 more than 500 police officers were being investigated and more than a 100 officers were fired. Even before Katrina happened the rate of murders went up twenty percent from the year before. The NOPD were not properly run before Hurricane Katrina and they were not properly run after Hurricane Katrina hit the city of New Orleans. After Katrina hit the city of New Orleans, it turns the city into a hopeless place to be. Eighty percent of the city was flooded and some parts of the city were fifteen under water. During the aftermath of the hurricane, there were tons of looting, shootings, murders, and rapes. Some of those events took place in the Superdome where people live before and after the hurricane hit the city since they were not able to leave the city beforehand. A lot of people lost their homes. Also, local business was destroyed. There were people sitting on their rooftops since their homes were under water and they were
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