Hurricane Katrin A World Country

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After Katrina made landfall, Mississippi and Louisiana looked like a third world country. With over 50 levee failures and numerous levee breaches causing severe flooding in 80% of the city and 180,000 in structural damage the cities were faced with a death toll of 1,300 casualties (Hurricane Katrina Rebuilding). Half the cities were sitting under water, which made it hard for rescue missions, recovery and evacuation organizations to be able to begin the recovery phase. What made it even harder was that just a couple of weeks later hurricane Rita made landfall to the already devastated states.

Local authorities and trained, professional emergency-response teams began search and rescue and discovered that people who were trapped in their houses surrounded by floodwater, were either with some type of access to food and water or had neighbors who shared their emergency supplies. This helped survivors to be able to sustain themselves longer before rescuers were able to get to them. Search and rescue phrase was stretched out for weeks. American Red Cross sets up camps where they were passing our food, water and treated the most severely injured. The Mental health specialist were on hand to give counseling to the people that were affected by the hurricane. On Wednesday,August 31,2005 Fema reported that there were people dying in the Superdome were there was shelter and that food and water were starting to run out. Mississippi and Louisiana resulted in the largest relocation

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