Hurricane Katrina A Natural Disaster

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Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters in US history, the ‘perfect storm’ in one of the most impoverished parts of the US. The damage from the storm, flooding and the resulting loss of life and property was astounding. However, I lack the words to describe the economic impacts of such a disaster to the peoples of the Gulf Coast. As with all major catastrophic events, even with all the planning in the world it comes down to people helping people to survive. FEMA, the local and State Government, Emergency response/first responders, National Guard, and Private Corporate Assistance did what they could to mitigate the damage, however, the planning for such an event was (in hindsight) far too little and made the emergency even more dire. I see the responsibility for preparation for future hurricane/natural disasters can be divided into at least 4 parts: The Federal Government, State/Local officials, private corporations/industries, and personal responsibilities. Federal Government - Continued training and emergency planning at various Federal agencies. Unfortunately, in the case of chaotic natural disasters, Human element (looters, gangs, violence) prior to Katrina may not have been fully part of the emergency response scenarios played out in simulations at a federal/private think tank. This enigma may never be solved as regional behavior is almost impossible to predict without local experts in sociological phycology and behavioral science. However,
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