Hurricane Katrina And The Engineering Failures

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Zheng Qin zq2sa Hurricane Katrina and the Engineering failures Engineers have produced great modern contributions that have changed the world. The designs and technology in society are due to engineered designs and construction. The art of engineering does not only include fancy technology, it also includes the creation of safe and functioning buildings, vehicles, tunnels, and roads in society. Engineered designs have to be reliable, safe, strong, and long lasting to properly function in society. There are many aspects considered when constructing any particular design. In the case of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina, the engineering of the city was dated and needed secure designs. New Orleans is built on swamp lands where the foundations are unreliable and mixed with water. The structures and engineering design of New Orleans? levees were inadequate to hold the strength of Katrina. The mass disaster of Hurricane Katrina and the destruction of New Orleans are primarily due to engineering failures. Because of the location and foundation of New Orleans, the inadequate levees and barriers, and the budget and economic issues, New Orleans became America?s most epic engineering failure in history. Firstly, approximately 1,300 people died in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005. It is considered one of the most deadly and embarrassing events in American history due to the amount of destruction of the hurricane, the insufficient planning before and after
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