Hurricane Katrina And The Human Resources

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Hurricane Rita destroyed and drove away people but people were to repair houses, structures, and get back to businesses. The business wanted to get back on their feet, but there was only one their normal pace. Hurricanes not only damage buildings and town but also they can damage and kill a company from ever opening again. Hurricane Rita affected the human resources functions because it destroyed homes and business and left the business not able to do business. It frightened people and drove them away. Human resources like the Walmart to bring employees from other towns and put signs up for hiring and they had to increase wages so they could get people to work. It affected Walmart’s all over the United States.
Human Resources in were forced to hire untrained workers and train new workers and it took more time and money to get the new employee trained. They had to post job descriptions and job listing everywhere and had to be less meticulous in the hiring process because they needed somebody so fast (Lilly, J., Kavanaugh, J., Zelbst, P., & Duffy, J. 2008). Low wageworkers are easier to train and are easily staffed. Rehiring former employees would make the reopening go more efficiently than starting with all new workers. A problem with hireling new workers is that it is costly with training, paperwork, employee tests, interviews, and orientation (Lilly, J., Kavanaugh, J., Zelbst, P., & Duffy, J. 2008). A study was conducted that tested how workplace supported their
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