Hurricane Katrina Outline

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Hurricane Katrina


Ethan McMahen
Ethan McMahen
Mrs. Johnson
15 March 2017
Hurricane Katrina
I. Introduction A. Background B. Thesis: The government should have help Hurricane Katrina, through additional money, supplies, and community help.
II. Government Funds A. Too much money B. Not much taken
III. Enough supplies
A. Too much food
B. Not enough shelter
IV. Community help
A. Volunteers
B. City help
V. Conclusion Ethan McMahen
Language Arts
Mrs. Johnson
May 5, 2017
Hurricane Katrina Hurricane Katrina was a storm that hit the south; most of the storm struck New Orleans Louisiana. The twelfth anniversary is coming up on August 29, 2017. During the storm the mass amount of damage to the city included
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“Then New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson offered 200 members of his state’s national guard to help Louisiana the day Katrina hit, but a letter from Washington authorizing the move did not arrive until five days later.” (Robillard Web). Four days after Katrina President George W. Bush sent 7,200 troops from the National Guard (Robillard Web). The Red Cross played a big role in Hurricane Katrina suppling 68 million meals to the survivors (American Web). Millions were taken care of with food, water, and shelter by 245,000 of the Red Cross Disaster workers (American Web). Firemen from other cities volunteered in the hundreds to help clean up (American Web). Louisiana was happy to have all the help they got after the…show more content…
The government helped too with sending money to rebuild Louisiana. The government got them the money but supplies were limited. The Red Cross Organization handled all the food water and shelter. Hurricane Katrina was a very hard time for Louisiana.

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