Hurricane Katrina and The Levee System Essay

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Hurricane Katrina and The Levee System and
How Affect Organizational Behavior
Mustafa Q. Faisal
Southern New Hampshire University
Nov. 2014


Individuals connected with the environment around them, and their behavior is a reflection to the environment variables. In these papers I’ll illustrate how the person’s behavior impacted under critical circumstances. I’ll concentrate on Hurricane Katrina, and what is the side effect on workforce, and organizational behavior. The social behavior, and labor market showed stress and emotional issues as side effects prior and after the Hurricane. By discussing these issues I’ll demonstrate how these factors affect the organization productivity, and suggesting a potential solution
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Sheltering. Sheltering requirements for all populations and evacuees should take into consideration during the evacuation planning process. There are some issues regarding the shelters for the pets need solutions (Robert & Latham, 2005).
How Does Labor Market Affected By Hurricane Katrina?
According to Greene, J., & Polivka, A., (2008), and the data that used to find the

impact of Hurricane Katrina on the labor market. The estimation based on a difference-in-

differences strategy that compares evacuees to all residents of Katrina-affected areas prior to

Katrina. Katrina had great effects on the labor market outcomes of evacuees over the 13-month

period immediately following Katrina. The estimation suggests that the effects of Katrina

diminished substantially over time as evacuees recovered from the hurricane and adjusted to new

economic and social conditions.

Labor Market Recovery
There are many factors that lead the labor market to recovering such as self-employment, supporting small business, and recovery workforce training program Self –employment. This factor played an effective role in the labor market and economic recovery after the Hurricane. The Hurricane directs the workers into self-employment by offering new business
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