Hurricane Prevention Scenarios

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Mary is a Nursing student on a study abroad internship in a remote costal village. She is there to help at a first aid station. Suddenly, in the night the wind starts to blow and the power lines go down. Everything was destroyed, but she survived in the station and now she is alone. Following this hurricane Mary should be a strong leader, use teamwork to cooperate, and get help. In terms of the event, Mary should get herself recuperated and find a safe spot to be. Once she has gotten herself together, she should scan the premises to check around for any survivors. During a hurricane there are many dangerous factors, such as; storm surge and storm tide, heavy rainfall and inland flooding, high winds, rip currents, tornadoes, therefore she must be wary about all her decisions. Then the second things she wants to do is to find a way of communication through the area after she’s done some searching. If she can’t find any method of contacting help she should start scavenging for survivors and materials that can be used for a blockade. This should protect her from any ongoing flooding, or any other mishaps. If she does find any survivors, she should assist them if injured. She should spare the few medical equipment that she has to offer, and afterwards they can be…show more content…
They should search public city offices; such as hospitals, police departments, and fire departments for resources. Because she will be thought of as the leader, people will expect her to lead their team. She must have a strong sense of justice, and knowledge of the environment around her and her surroundings. But one major aspect of being a leader is a way of communication between people and getting a good sense of their personality. As leader she could have a positive impact on survivors and help the community through this
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