Hurricane Sandy Interview Questions

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Hurricane Sandy had major impact to the Jersey Shore; some people had less of an impact than others. I decided to interview a co-worker of mines that had major impact in her home, which was located in Seaside Heights, NJ. A couple days before the storm, she was watching CNN news, where they kept telling people to start evacuating and prepare for the worst to come. At first she thought with just a few piles of woods and sand to protect her home was going to be enough. As she kept watching the CNN news, she knew that what was coming was no joke. Evacuation was already taken place, people were starting to leave there homes, so instead she decided to come down to Elizabeth, NJ where her sister lived. Once she covered her house with wood and sand,…show more content…
Although, she should have had left with the evacuation officials because who knew what could have had happened on the road, since a lot of people were panicking. Some of the steps that could have helped many people that didn’t survive were to evacuate immediately when they were told too. Many people thought that it was okay for them to stay put, but in reality it wasn’t. Officials as well as the Governor should have forced people more to evacuate within a week before and prepare everything they can. “In New Jersey; Governor Christie declared a state of emergency in advance of the storm and issued a mandatory evacuation order for the barrier islands, from Sandy Hook to Cape May, by 4 p.m. on October 28, 2012. (FEMA, 2013)” This should have had been done a couple days before, maybe more people could have had a better preparation. In addition, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) coordinated the federal government's assistance and preparations to support states affected by Hurricane Sandy. The president ensured that federal officials continued to bring all available resources to support state and local responders as they prepare for severe weather (FEMA, 2012). Preparation was in action while waiting for the
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