Hurricane Sandy: Personal Narrative

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Hurricane Sandy was definitely a very difficult time for everyone in the northeast region. Initially I did not realize how hard it was going to hit us, because the previous year Hurricane Irene did not have such a strong effect on my town. Of course we did not leave the house, and there were a few fallen trees, however it did not affect us like Hurricane Sandy did. Even though I wasn’t expecting a very severe hurricane, my parents still prepared for the worst. They requested me to come home and stay even though many of my friends were still on campus. I figured being with my family during this difficult time would make the most sense. When the hurricane hit initially we did not lose any electricity even though many families around us…show more content…
There are many technologies that allow scientists to gather lots of information about the Earth and the climate on a more “global scale.” The different studies conducted by these scientists reveal climate patterns, and the climate change over the years. Even though there is a lot of dispute over the Earth’s climate change, there is a lot of information about the climate change that is more factual rather than opinion based. For example, the discovery that carbon dioxide is a heat-trapping gas was discovered in the mid 19th century. As a result of that discovery, it has been suggested that the acidity of the ocean surface has increased about 30 percent since the Industrial Revolution. This is a direct result of humans emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Causes of Global Climate Change Scientists have spent several years attempting to figure out the effects of the global climate change. Most scientists have come to a consensus that the “greenhouse effect” has a lot to do with the expansion of global warming. The greenhouse effect is a phenomenon that is explained by heat that is trapped in the atmosphere. This heat radiates from the Earth in the direction of the space. To bring all of the discoveries together, the United Nations created a group of scientists called the “Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,” also known as the IPCC. One of the first discoveries that these scientists made, was that there isn’t one, but several different gasses

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