Hurricane Sandy Was A Devastating Storm

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Hurricane Sandy Breakthrough By: Kene Ochuba Date: Friday November 6, 2015 Hurricane Sandy was a devastating storm nicknamed “The Frankenstorm”. The Frankenstorm happened from October 19-October 31. Hurricane Sandy was very catastrophic and damaged lots of properties. The cost of repairs was billions of dollars. Hurricane Sandy is the second most costly hurricane behind hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Sandy at night on October 28, 2015. Hurricanes are large gusts of wind that are concentrated usually in a spiral. There are three different types of this storm: cyclones, hurricanes and typhoons. Why The Frankenstorm is called a hurricane is because hurricanes happen in and around the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. While the others (Typhoons and cyclones) happen in other parts of the world in other oceans. Hurricanes are the biggest storms and do more damage than all of the other storms. The season of these devastating natural disasters are from June 1st to November 30. If you live near the coast of the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans make sure you are prepared with the tips that will be stated later. Hurricanes usually happen over a week, but sometimes hurricanes last only a few hours, when some last over 3 weeks. Hurricane are named on a six-year rotation of male and female names. These names include Ivan, Katrina, Sandy and Andrew. Hurricanes form in a quite interesting way. These storms only form above bodies of water such as oceans. Where these incredible storms start is
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